Monday, July 28, 2014

The Adventure Continues!

Hello Everyone! 
I hope you all had a wonderful week! This week went by so fast for me (once 
again :) ) 
We had another batismo this week! It was the man who got married last week. It 
was an adventure though. So Friday night we found out that we still don´´t have 
water in the capel (it has been about 2 weeks now) and so we could not have the 
batismo there, but we called the elders in Lagarto and they said we could have 
the batismo there. So Saturday afternoon me, S. Lopez, Josè (who got baptized), 
his wife and the member who baptized him headed out to Lagarto where our 
wonderful LZ´s had the font filled and ready. It was just us who came in the car 
and our LZ´s at the baptism, but the spirit was the same. We sang, I gave a 
talk, there was the baptism and we had bolo afterward. One of our LZ´´s 
conducted the meeting. It was small, but it was such a wonderful day for all of 
us. We then took the hour ride back to Itabaiana. I am so grateful for wonderful 
members and that everything worked out. He recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday and 
it starts their one year wait untl they can be sealed in the temple :) 
We are also teaching a ready class here in the branch. It is us 4 sisters 
teaching it. We don´t have alot of people, but it is so worth it. A part about 
working in an interior is that pretty much no one over the age of 30 knows how 
to read or write. It is so rewarding to teach them and I am so grateful that I 
can help. Here I am speaking and writing in a second language and they don´t 
even know how in their first languge. They are so wonderful! 
Nothing else crazy happened this week... we are still teaching people and loving 
life here in Itababiana! 
I know this church is true and that Jesus Cristo é nosso Salvador! I know He 
lives and will return on day! 
I hope you all have a great week!! I love you and miss you all!! 
Com amor, 
Sister Chilson 
Sister Lopez and Sister Chilson
President and Sister Gomes

Wedding Couple with Missionaries

 Wedding Couple Baptism


 Baptism 15 year old boy

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