Monday, January 20, 2014

1st Transfer

Oi Everyone!!

I made it through my first transfer!! I cannot believe that I have been here for 6 weeks, I honestly feel like I have lived here for months... Anyway, I am staying in the same area with my same companion for the next 6 wees, which I what I thought because she is my trainer and my training doesn´t finish for another 6 weeks. The other 2 sets of sisters in my district and who I live with stayed the same as well and actually there were so few changes made, but that just means that next transter the mission is basically going to get turned upside down because 6 sisters go home and there are 5 of us who finish our training, so we will see what happens, but I am very hopefuly for these next 6 weeks :)

Right now my heart is so full of love and joy that I cannot help but keep smiling! I wasn´t like this all week though. Through my whole mission I have had ups and downs, days where I feel like I can talk with anyone and days where I feel like I know no Português at all. At the beginning of last week I was feeling pretty down. I knew that transfers were coming up, but I felt like I couldn´t communicate with people and that I didn´t know if I would be able to make it another 6 weeks with my same companion. On Wednesday we have entravistas (interviews) with President Gonzaga. We email him every week and have an interview with him every 6 weeks. Our whole district has interviews on the same day and President set up a schedule and I had my interview last out of everybody, which I was fine with. Anyway, I explained to President how I was feeling and he told me that I needed to really talk with Sister Martin and explain to her what I was feeling. I knew this was what I needed to do and espcailly coming from Presdient, but I was a little hesitent. Anyway, I was feeling better after talking with him and then on Saturday I had a huge miracle happen. We were just walking around Saturday night and all of the sudden Sister Martin asked me if President told me that we should talk. Of course I told her yes, but I was so shocked that he told her that because her talked with her before he talked with me. Needless to say, I know that President listened to the Spirit and told Sister Martin needed to talk. We sat down on side of the road and talked. I was able to explain how I was feeling and she was as well. If definatley brought us closer together and since then I have been having totally peace and am so much happier. I am so grateful for a mission president who is so in tune with the Spirit and looks out for each one of his missionaries. He is so amazing! I feel so much more confident and I know that this next transfer will not be easy, but I know that I can get through it and I know Sister Martin and I will continue to get closer over these next 6 weeks. 

As for the rest of my week, nothing crazy happened. On Tuesday we went to the place for almoço with a member where there is a big buffet and then people come around with all different types of meat and you can have as much as you want. I tried so many different kinds, I don´t even know what I ate, but I know that I ate chicken heart and I loved it! Super strange and not like me, I know, but for some reason I was feeling adventeous, so I tried it knowing full well what I was eating and I loved it. I´m sure I depends on how you cook it, but my goodness, they did such a great job :)

We had our first missionary correlation meeting this week at our ward mission leaders house and someday I will take a pictures, but my ward mission leader look exactly like Jacob Black from the Twilight movies- I swear. He was on his mission when New Moon came out and so many young girls started calling him Jacob Black, but he had no idea what they were talking about because he hadn´t seen the movie. Super funny and I will get a picture with him next meeting :)

Sorry for no pictures this week, the computer isn´t taking my camera, so you will just have to wait another week... sorry! 

I guess that is all for this week! I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying your January! I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us and is in the details in our lives. He watches over each one of us and I know that he always does what is best for us and what is going to help us become the person he knows we can be. I love this gospel with all of my heart and am so grateful to have it in my life and to hvae the opportunity to share it. 

I love you all!!

Com amor,
Sister Chilson

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  1. I finally bookmarked your blog and can keep up much easier now. It sounds like your mission is a life changing time. I am so glad to read of the ups and downs of a missionary's life, and the encouraging words you shared. Thanks for those words, I need them right now. I will continue praying for you and look forward to your next letter. love always