Monday, January 13, 2014

Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked and Walked and Walked...

Oi Everyone!!

It sounds like it is a really cold winter up in Rochester and I am very sad to be missing it because I love the snow, and I pretty much sweat all day here, but it´s all good :)

I am reminded of the Primary song Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked because sometimes that is how I feel here- we walk and walk and walk and walk :) But I know that this is the Lord´s work and that He never gives us more than we can bear.

So last P-Day we went bowling! It was me, Sister Martin, the other 4 sisters from our apartement and 2 other sisters who must live close by. It was alot of fun, and even though I am really bad, it was nice to relax a little and do something fun :)

On Tuesday I had my first Zone Conference. My zone leaders are awesome and we have the financial secretaries and the AP`s in our zone, so it is fun. Nothing too amazing to share, we talked about teaching and how we can meet our goals for this month. It is always nice to do someting different though and talk with other people- even if they are missionaries :)

I went on my first exchange this week with the sister training leader. She goes and spends one day in every area to see how the sisters are and the area is doing. She happens to live with me, so we didn´t have to go anywhere. but it was fun to take her around for the day and show her our area :) I stayed in our area and my companion worked in the other area that day. I learned so much from her.

We will hopefully be moving into a new apartment some time this week (an apartment made for 4 people and 4 people live in it... weird, I know :) ). I don´t exactly know when, but it is do beautiful and I am so excited to finally have space for my things and not be living out of a suitcase :)

Not alot is happening with out area. Sister Martin and I have lists of names that we try everyday and maybe one of them is home or answers the phone, so that is difficult, but I know that we are doing the Lord´s work and it has to happen in His time. 

We talked again with the other investigator that has a baptismal date again. She will not be getting baptized this Saturday and maybe never, but I am okay with that. She is really stuggling and I just want to help her and I know that we can provide comfort throught the gospel- whether she get´s baptized or not. 

I know that every person we meet, we meet for a reason. We either needed to learn something from them or they needed to learn something from us. That is such a beautiful thing. No one we meet is for no reason. There is a purpose behind everything that happens in our lives. 

If you have time, you should read 1 Nephi 22. I read it again this week and it is such a wonderful chapter. Nephi says many times that ´the rightoues need not fear´ and I know that is true. If we are following the commandments and trying our best to follow the Savior, then we never need to fear for the future or anything. 

I know that our Savior lives and that He suffered and died so that He would know how to help us in our trials, sickness, and pain in this life. If we turn to Him, He will help us- He will always help us, but we must turn to Him first. I know that Heavenly Father loves us each more than we wil ever know and that He is in the details of our lives. I love this gospel and know it is true with all of my heart. 

I hope that you all stay warm and have a great week! I love and pray for all of you!

Com Amor,
Sister Chilson

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