Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz Novo Ano!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I cannot believe that 2014 is here! On New Year´´s Eve we had district meeting in the morning and then we had to be in our house by 6PM because it was New Year´s Eve and so we hung out for a little while, but then we made some amazing food- this awesome chicken dish, rice, french fries and two different types of juice and after we have pipoca (popcorn). It was so awesome to just enjoy ourselves (me and the other 5 sisters I live with). We put on jeans for the evening which felt really weird and we hung out. We stayed up until midnight to ring in the new year, which we probaly weren´t suppose to do.... But anyway, there were a bunch of fireworks that went off at midnight and some were super close to us and we could see then so clearly in the night sky. Different from how I would have celebrated at home, but such a good time.

The following day (New Year´s Day) we still got up at 6:30... that was hard,but we did it :) There was no one out in the streets though, because it was NYD, so we didn´t do much work. 

We don´t have many investigators, but we found one this week and she is amazing! It is her and her daughter who is 5. She lost her son a few months ago and she is still really struggling with that, but I think we were able to give her some peace. We invitied her to be baptized on January 18th and she said yes! We are going to keep teaching her, so she will be ready. I hope she ends up getting baptized because I know that the gopsel can bring her so much peace! She daughter is so cute too, which is nice :) Let me tell you, Brazilian children are so stinkín´adorable! (American children are still adorable too :) )

Because it is new year, we switched church times, so now church starts at 8:30 for me and we have Relief Society, Sunday School and Sacrament meeting last. Yesterday was my first Sunday like that and I think church actually went faster because of that, but we will see :) I heard church starts at 1 for all of you back home... Mine got earlier and yours got later :)

The members are so sweet at meals and one of the most commom phrases is `Comer mais, sister` which basically means eat more sister :) I always leave almoço appointments so full and I have yet to had a bad meal here in Brasil. Thank goodness I am walking so much! People are so nice here in the north east and it is funny because we have such a hard time leaving a house because people are so open and will talk to you forever about anything and everything. I´ll take it though :)

Well, that about wraps up my week. I have my first Zone Conference tomorrow, so that should be fun and there are no holidays this week, so that should mean a normal week. I hope that you are all doing well!!

I know this church is true with all of my heart. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today and that His words are the words Heavenly Father wants us to know, so we need to listen to them. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redemer and that because of Him and His sacrifice we can return to live with our Father in Heaven and our family for eternity.

I miss and love you all!!

Com Amor,
Sister Chilson

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