Monday, February 10, 2014


Olá Everyone!

I hope that you all had great weeks this week! This week went by so fast for me and I cannot believe I am already halfway done with this transfer! I only have three more weeks left of this transfer and my training! 

Sister Martin and I have been working hard and walking alot. We have one investigators who we have been teaching this week and we are so hopeful and have faith that she will be baptized this transfer! Her many is Maria Josè. We have been teaching her and she is reading O Livro de Mormón and praying. She didn´t come to church yesterday because she had another commitment, but next Sunday she should hopefully be there. She is friends with members so that is awesome because she already has a support system and the members are amazing! 

Other than her, we don´t have any investigators we have been teaching more than once, we teach alot of 1st lessons, and some second and pretty much not third, but we are still new in this area, so we are working though the neighborhoods and working hard. A member told us this week that from our apartment to the end of our area it is 7km, so we start out walking 7km each day and sometimes we walk both ways and that is not even the walking we do tracting, walking to appointments... needless to say we have been walking alot, but we talk (or sing :) ) as we walk, so it is fun :)

Some other adventures this week, at one of our almoço apointments the elevador didn´t work so we had to walk up 14 flights of stairs, so that wasn´t fun, but during almoço we got to watch some of the Olympics so that was awesome. He was flipping through the channels and every channel had soccer except the one with the Olymics... you can see what is important to the people here :)

We had quite a but of rain this week, but it cools things off, so that is nice. One day this week it rained the entire 7 km home, but I was welcomed home with so many letters! I live with the Sister Training Leaders and they had a leadership meeting that same day and they brought home any letters that were for us. Thank you to everyone who sends me letters! They are always so sweet and it is like I have a little piece of home here :)

One last story, so we were visiting this woman at the end of the day and she brought out juice and crackers and when I wasn´t eating the crackers I explained that I had a food allergy and then she offered to make me a little rice and beans (emhasis on the little). She went into the kitchen and she came back with a plate full of rice, beans, chicken... My goodness it was so much food! She went back into the othe room and Sister Martin tells me in a nice, but serious way that I have to eat it all and that I have 10 minutes... ahh!! Don´t worry, I did eat it all, but not in 10 minutes. Words cannot describe how much food there was and how full I was after... That was a long 40 minute walk home... Anyway, it reminded me of the part of the movie `The Errand of Angels` where she is new in the field and they are at an appointment with a member and her companion tells her she had to eat it all... random, but I thought I would share :)

No other amazing stories this week for all of you, but things are well down here in Maceió :) I know this gospel is true and that the Lord watches over each one of us. We are each special, individual children to Him and He loves and knows each one of us. He is always watching out for us and is in the details of our lives. 

I hope you all have a great week!! I miss you all and think about Rochester and New York everyday :)

Com amor,
Sister Chilson

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