Monday, June 2, 2014

Feliz Junho!

Hello Everyone!

I cannot believe that is it June! I realized that it will be one year ago that I recieved my call on the 14th of June. I feel like happened yesterday and here I am with 7 monthes of my mission gone! I really am no longer one of the new ones :)

This week was a normal week for us,but we did have Conferência de Zona this week. We spendall day at the church and Presidente and Sister Gonzaga speak to us, the AP´s,secretaries and have other training. It iswith all the missionaries who are serving in Sergipe so it is fun to catch up with people. I was able to talk with two Hispanic elders who left the CTM with me. I can understand everything they say now! Before I rarely talked to them or ifIdid it was notmuch because I don´tknow Spanish, Ididn´t know Portugués and they don´tknow English (although one of them had an American companion and theamericancompanion is teaching the hispanic elderabout the US,includinghow he shouldroot forthe Giants :). How wonderful it is when you know the language and you can communicate with people :) They are so awesome! 

As some of you may know, my mission president wascalled to be an area seventy and was atGeneral Conference in SaltLake inAbril and they hadsome training from some apostles andSister Gonzaga told us themain reasons for lowering the age for missionaries,one being theneedformissionaries andtwo to strengthen the youth. The world is not getting any better and it will notget any better and the youth needto stand strong to their values and keep strong testimonies and I canpromiseyou that there isnothing else that willprepare you for life,strength your testimony and keep you on the path likeserving a mission. Itis unbelieveable the growth you have,thethingsyou learn whileservingamission. I am SO grateful forthe missionandeverything I havelearned this far andI am soexcited to seewhatthe next 10/11monthes holdforme. 

Idon´t have any other amazingstories to tell, so I thought Iwouldtell you alittleabout the culture (because I have heardsomepeople have asked :) ). For foodhere,every mealwe have rice,beans, somekindofsalad/vegtables, chicken or meat and pasta.Sometimes there isalsopotatos andvariousfoods thatpeoplemake,butthisisthestaple. Thereisalways juice todrink too (juice thatismadefrom realfruit... yum!). It sounds borning, butit isnot that bad andI have yet toeatsomethingthatI had chokedown :)

Also, we are starting into The World Cup season and lifewillbedifferent here. Wewillnotbeabletoworkduringandafter gameswhereBrasil, the United States or Germany play. Literally everythingwillclosedown though when Brasilplays.Likeitisaholiday- no onw will go to work. We will have to stay in ourapartment...lifewill beinteresting :)

Also São João is aroundthecorner here too. It is really big here in the NE. Itisonly oneday, butit is the wholmonth of June here really. I don´t exactly know what thepurpose or reason for the holiday is,butyou can googleitandfindout more:)

Well,that´s all I havetimefortoday! Iam sorry that a bunch ofwords are puttogether- the space bardoesn´t really worktoowell...I hopeyou can understandthough. 

Ihopeyou all have a great week!! I knowthisgospelis true with allof my heart.JesusChristisourSavior. He died that we can each livewith ourfamilies again.How beautifulis thisgospel!!

I loveyou allandmiss you somuch!!

Com amor,
Sister Chilson

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