Monday, May 26, 2014

True Joy

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great week! This week was a little slow for me and Sister Araújo. We worked hard, but overall we were both a little on the down side, not sick, just not always super excited to work and such. Weeks like this are a little hard, but we have to have opposition in all things, right? And if it means that I get to have the weeks and days of pure joy, I will take the hard moments (or hard weeks :) )

This week though I learned a little bit more of what true joy is. Yesterday I played the piano in sacrament meeting (again :) ) and that means that I sit on the stand. One perk of sitting on the stand is you see everyone who is at church and I was able to see our 4 investigators, our recent convert and a less active who has not been to church in I think monthes. My heart was so full of joy! There are moments in our lives when we have great joy, but I thought about the other moments when I have been really happy and they almost always had to do with materials things (besides experiences with my family). But the joy I felt yesterday was pure joy. The joy of helping other people come to the same knowledge I have. Helping other people change their lives, helping other people have joy. Watching people change is such a precious experience. The joy I felt yesterday was such a small small part of the joy of our Savior. When you recieve your mission call letter it says that you will receive more joy and happiness than you have yet known. When I recieved my call  (almost one year ago!) I thought that would be nice to receive more joy than I have yet felt, but really, truly it is so true. And it is not the kind of joy that can be replaced by any earthly thing. I wish I could describe to you better, but my heart is so full of joy and love for this work, for the people here, for the opportunity I have to be here and be doing this beloved work. True, pure joy is undescribable and beautiful. 

Another beautiful moment this week was when we were talking with our recent convert. He is so happy now. I thought back to when I met him and he is such a different person. I can see the light and joy in this life now. He has a purpose in this life. He knows what it is and he has more of an eternal perspecitve. The gospel is beautiful and true. The Atonement is real. Anyone can change. Anyone´s life can be improved and anyone can recieve more joy and happiness through the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Sorry I don´t have any great stories to tell this week. This week will be a great week though- I can feel it! I also have Conferência de Zona this week which will be so nice to see President and Sister Gonzaga again. I just have one picture to share with you all this week. If you want proof that I have been walking alot- here it is. Don´t worry, I am using new shoes now. I was waiting till the other one got a hole in it (which would probably happen anyday) but my feet were looking a little black at the end of the day, so I thought it was time for new ones :)

I love this gospel. I love my Savior. I love the experiences that we are able to have here on earth that bring us closer to our Savior, that bring us closer to the true joy and He feels. I know this church is true. I know that The Book of Mormon is true and that anyone can know if they will just read and pray. I love The Book of Mormon and everytime I read it I learn more and more. One hour of personal scripture study everyday isn´t enough! :) 

I hope you all have a fabulous week and a great start to June! I love you!!

Com amor,
Sister Chilson

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