Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Spring/Fall!

Hello Everyone!

Depending on what side of the equator you live on, Happy Spring or Fall! :) The first day of fall here is exactly what the first day of winter and everyday in between- hot with lots of sun :) It is beautiful here though and I love the people. 
This week was kind of crazy. We have exchanges so I went to Edwardo do Gomes for one day and night and it was fun to have a new companion and see a different area. It was intestering though because I was sleeping in a house with people from Brasil, Peru and Chile and me the American. It is weird to think of, but it is so normal to me now. :)

I was able to play the piano for New Beginnings for the Young Women in the ward so that was fun and it was so nice to play the piano. I also played the piano for sacarament meeting and I thought about how in the MIssionary White Handbook it says you should only sit on the stand if you are apart of the program and I was thinking about how I probably have sat on the stand for half of my mission because I have been playing the piano... I love it though and am so happy to be able to share my testimony through musical because word still fail me at times with Portugu√™s. 

We had a sad moment this week when Sister Castro and I were looking through the recent convert and member lists for our ward and we found out that one of our investigators is actually a member. Well, we cannot baptized him, but we can try to get him to come back to church. It was a little bit of a heartbreak for me and Sister Castro, but we are still making it through :)

We have a beautiful lessons yesterday though with a woman and her daughter. The daughter is a friend of a member and we taught The Restoration and at the end of the lesson the mom started crying because she knew what we were teaching was true and because she felf the Spirit. The Spirit was SO strong and it was such a special moment. If we follow the Spirit, Heavenly Father will lead us to the people we need to meet

I love this gospel so much and am so grateful for the oppotrunity I have to share it with Heavenly Father´s children here in Brasil. This gospel is so beautiful and Heavenly Father´s plan for us is perfect. I know that the gospel is the way to happiness and to return to live with Heavenly Father, Christ and our families para eternidade. 

I hope you all have a great week!! I love you!

Com Amor,
Sister Chilson

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