Monday, March 3, 2014


Olá Everyone!

I have no idea where this week went! First off, I am getting transfered! Sister Martin will stay here in Antares and will get a new companion and I will find out tomorrow where I will be serving for my third transfer in the field. We have a big meeting in Farol where all of the missionaries who are being transfered gather and they go through each area and everyone finds out where they will be serving. I am not too nervous about who my next companion will be or where I will be serving. I know that it is in the Lord´s hands and that Presidente Gonzaga will have me serve in the area I need to. Right now I am just worrying about packing and moving, but hopefully that all goes smoothly. 

In other news... We had a baptism this week! His name in Alisson and he is so awesome! His mom and sister even came and they are not members. They don´t live in our area, but we passed their names on to the other sisters. Attached there is a picture of me and him, me, Sister martin and him and me, Sister martin and his family. There is nothing that can descibe the joy I felt when he went under that water and was baptized. Me and the other sisters also sang a special musical number, When I am Baptized, in Português. It was such a good was to end this transfer! 

Also this week started Carnaval here in Brasil. I learned that Carnaval is actually only one day, tomorrow, but people started celebrating over a week again, and these past couple days people didn´t have work and literally everyone was headed to the beach for a vacation. It made missionary work a little hard, but we made it through :) 

I also hit my 4 month mark of my mission this week! Well sort of because February does not have a day 30, but I counted the 28th as my 4 month mark :) We didn´t do anything special, but I cannot believe that I have been here for 4 monthes! 

One last thing, I got to have salmon twice this week which was such a special treat. Once we went to a resturant with a member for almoço and the other time we had it at a members house. Man, I love me some salmon :)

One last thing- I have been trying new foods and there is this fruit that people eat here and I have no way to describe it, so you are just going to have to google it, but it is so good! It is called Jaca. 

Well that is all for my week! You will have to wait another whole week to find out where I will be serving for this next transfer, but I will be sure to let you know! 

I know this church is true with all of my heart. I love this gospel so much and am so grateful that I have to opportunity to help bring souls unto Cristo. 

I love you and miss you all!

Com amor,
Sister Chilson

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